On-call rostering

Accurate and up-to-date on-call rostering information at your fingertips

Reduce communication delays and lessen paperwork burden with on-call rostering

Easily manage your on-call rosters to quickly find staff to help your patients.

Reach the right provider in seconds with accurate on-call rostering

Simplify your on-call rosters with one organisation-wide system
Simplify your on-call rosters with one organisation-wide system. Use one place to update on-call rosters for your entire organisation. No more fragmented on-call rosters by department. Last-minute changes happen in real-time, and paper-based rosters are no longer necessary.

Provide visibility for clinicians on-the-go
Meet providers where they are. Quickly and securely access the latest on-call roster details for doctors and other staff from any device, at any time. Deliver a self-service system for accessible and accurate on-call roster information.

Look-up and message to on-call roles from mobile and web
Not sure which provider is on-call? No problem. Send messages to on-call roles to quickly notify the correct on-call provider. No need to dial 0 to find and page the correct person, and no more wasted time.

Leverage on-call rosters for standardised workflows
Streamline patient care with powerful workflow automation and on-call rosters in one platform. Critical messages go to the right person, at the right place, at the right time, on the right device to improve patient care.

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On-call rostering
Accurate and up-to-date rostering information at your fingertips

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