News Release

Spok Announces Encrypted Paging System for Critical Communications Needs

SPRINGFIELD, Va. (September 3, 2015) – Spok, Inc. announced today the release of its new T5 solution, a select pager with an encrypted paging option. With secure messaging capabilities and display-lock security features, this device provides a powerful tool for healthcare and emergency response communication.

“Security and reliability are vital for organizations that are managing highly sensitive information, especially in a clinical situation that requires HIPAA compliance,” said Vincent D. Kelly, president and chief executive officer of Spok Holdings, Inc. “This device is designed to be an integral part of any critical communication solution, and we’re pleased that Spok has the exclusive rights to sell and service this pager.”

“We have been using the Spok T5 pagers for several months and are impressed with their encryption capabilities,” said Renan Lyon, telecom administrator for Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee. “Protecting the exchange of sensitive information as staff care for patients is critical for our organization. Spok has enabled us to achieve this goal with the T5.”

Providing reliable messaging service in a small, convenient package, the T5 has a user-friendly, icon-driven interface, easy-to-read screen, and long battery life.  It offers encrypted message support, remote data wipe, and display-lock security features.

“As has been demonstrated in a number of emergency situations, cellular networks are not always dependable,” said Kelly.  “Even with the proliferation of smartphones, wireless paging systems remain a valuable part of an overall mobile communication strategy for the medical and first response sectors.”