Reliable Mine Site Paging

Overcoming Mine Site Communication Challenges

Mining is difficult and dangerous work. Its environment presents numerous communication and safety challenges for both management and onsite personnel. The remote location of mining sites and the urgency of communications in emergency situations create a unique and challenging communication environment.

Spok helps mining and resource companies overcome the daily communication challenges by providing solutions that allow two-way radios to be supplemented with additional communications devices, including wireless phones, pagers, smartphones, display boards, and more. It’s important for mining management to ensure their organisation is doing all it can to provide a safe environment for workers and prove that they are implementing all possible safety measures. Spok solutions provide rapid and dependable mine site communications while improving staff safety and efficiency.

Challenges and Solutions

The Challenge

The Solution

Message DeliveryEnsure message delivery with a Spok mine site paging system. Spok’s systems are used in mission critical communications situations such as healthcare, public safety and mining.
Equipment FailuresSpok solutions integrate to machinery and equipment so personnel can receive instant alerts when equipment failures occur.
Dangerous Work EnvironmentLeverage onsite paging with Spok solutions to ensure messages are received within seconds to speed response time in emergencies.
Litigation RiskReporting capabilities of Spok solutions allow management to provide data for and monitor response times to emergency situations, equipment failures, etc.


Improve Safety

With mining worksites potentially being a dangerous environment for workers, solutions have been developed to improve onsite safety. Whether they are solutions to assemble emergency response teams (ERT) or to send instant notifications of equipment faults, Spok assists in the delivery of life-saving communication solutions.

There can also be functional challenges involved with radios when workers become fatigued from hearing continuous notifications and messages, resulting in the volume being turned down. This can cause communication delays because they no longer hear important messages. A failed or missed communication could mean the difference between life and death.

Spok solutions provide a secure method for communicating with ERT members and enable response teams to activate a site-wide emergency/evacuation in a timely manner. Rapid notifications including the specific location of mining machinery/equipment, emergency duress alarm buttons, and fire alarms can be sent to pre-determined groups on their mobile device of choice. The speed and accuracy of these notifications help improve response times in both day-to-day and emergency situations. As a result worksite safety also improves.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Increases staff efficiency by improving message delivery times, fatigue management, accountability, and equipment management
  • Provides a complete audit trail, allowing management to quickly and easily identify potential areas for improvement
  • Alerts technicians or engineers when equipment stops working which minimises downtime and saves money

Spok’s Mine Site Communications Solutions Include:

Mass Notification & Incident Communications
Alarm Monitoring & Critical Alerting
Onsite Paging Devices