Hospitality Communications That Enhance Guest Safety

Hospitality Communications Solutions Provide Guests with Superior Experiences

Within the hospitality industry, staff rely on an ever-growing number of communication systems. It’s critical to also have access to verification methods to ensure the right staff member receives the right notification in a timely matter. Fortunately, Spok’s alarm integration solutions allow staff to monitor and report on hospitality communications to promote greater accountability and faster responses to both guest requests and critical events.

Spok is a global leader in the provision of service-enhancing, mobile communication solutions for many leading hotels and resorts. It is no surprise that in this highly competitive industry, a satisfied customer is more likely to be a loyal, repeat customer. Newly implemented technologies must therefore directly assist staff in improving the overall guest experience. It has been demonstrated that a lack of integrated and effective communications can result in major gaps in the flow of time-sensitive information. This can ultimately lead to a negative guest experience and dissatisfaction.

Spok Leads the Hospitality Communications Field with:

Improve Staff Accessibility

Spok helps deliver customer-centered information to your staff so they can react quickly and effectively to guest requests. Spok also provides solutions for reducing noise pollution in the guest environment, particularly by minimising the use of chaotic two-way radios, creating a quieter and more comfortable experience for guests during their stay. The alarm management solutions deploy immediate emergency notifications to designated staff to ensure the safety of your guests and your facility.

Spok Solutions for Hospitality Include:

Alarm Monitoring and Critical Alerting
Operator Console
Smartphone and Tablet Messaging
Emergency Notification and Incident Communications