Gaming System Alerts and Workflow Solutions That Keep Guests Playing

Provide a Superior Guest Experience by Sending Key Alerts to Staff’s Mobile Devices

In an ever-competitive gaming environment, providing the ultimate guest experience is paramount to entice new patrons—and more importantly, to ensure that current patrons remain loyal to your brand. Spok has worked with many of the top names in casinos to keep guests comfortable and operations running smoothly with subtle staff notifications about key events.

This is possible by sending alerts from slot machines and other key systems directly to the right staff members’ mobile devices to speed service. For example, drink requests go straight to food and beverage staff, payout notifications alert managers as well as attendants, and VIP patron tracking can be simplified to ensure return visits. A staff member is instantly notified of a request via a pagersmartphone, or other mobile device. The device displays the service required and the location of the call so the request can be taken care of quickly.

Simplifying Casino Paging for Improved Guest Service

  • Link the systems you already use: You can achieve bottom-line benefits through integration of slot machines, gaming management systems, ATMs and other equipment to ensure that instant notifications are sent to staff in the event of a possible system failure or fault.
  • Improve staff efficiency: Spok allows casinos to assign the right staff members to the right zones, resulting in notifications always reaching the right person.
  • Increased return on investment: Ensure that equipment issues are sent immediately to the appropriate person for resolution minimising machine downtime.

Spok’s Casino and Gaming Solutions Include:

Critical alert and alarm notifications
Paging solutions
Contact centre solutions
Secure smartphone texting