Top-Notch Hospital Communications, Top-Notch Patient Care

Hospital Communication’s Critical Role in Quality Patient Care

Basic expectations underscore how excellent communications within your hospital are at the core of every good, responsible organisation.

When a code blue occurs, hospital teams expect the right people to be notified immediately and to respond to the emergency with the help of emergency notification solutions. If a patient needs immediate medical attention, he or she expects the caregiver to respond quickly. When a patient’s family member contacts your hospital call centre, the caller expects to be transferred to the correct room in a matter of seconds. When clinicians are waiting on crucial patient results, they expect to be contacted on their preferred device accurately and efficiently, whether they use pagers or smartphone messaging. Additionally, when an operator needs to reach a staff member at home, he or she expects the on-call rostering information to be accurate.

Successful hospitals must respond to patients, doctors, nurses, and other staff members quickly and accurately. Think about the role of technology in this environment. A hospital paging system that gets the right information to the right person at the right time can lead to improved patient safety, increased satisfaction, better efficiencies, or  mean the difference between life and death.

Spok represents the communication backbone in the hospital—the central foundation all applications and resources access for reliable, consistent communication information. To be the main system of truth, Spok solutions connect with PBXs, nurse call systems, patient monitoring, clinical systems, and human resource systems to deliver key information to the right people on their device of choice. This includes smartphones, pagers, Wi-Fi phones, and other common devices.

"Our Spok solutions have allowed us to provide a much better patient experience by decreasing call-handling times and streamlining scheduling and clinical communication. "

–Don Smith Operations Manager, VCU Health