Thank you frontline healthcare workers for your fight against COVID-19

A message from Vince Kelly, CEO of Spok

This week our nation celebrates Thanksgiving. As we enter into this next wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and watch the daily rise in the number of new cases and deaths across our nation, some of us may find it increasingly difficult to think of something for which to give thanks. However, for me, and for many of my fellow teammates at Spok there is one shining example and it’s YOU!

The frontline healthcare workers who continue to fight this ravaging disease are true heroes. All of us at Spok continue to be deeply grateful to the caregivers who are under immense physical and mental pressure during this unprecedented pandemic. We extend our sincerest thanks to you. You are our Thanksgiving examples.

At work we’re continuing to do our part to buy time and help flatten the new curve by having everyone who can do so work remotely, wear masks, socially distance, wash our hands, and follow CDC guidelines for helping to reduce the spread. We remain committed to supporting mission-critical healthcare communications and helping our customers serve all of their patients during this difficult time.

At home, my family will be just three this year, my wife, my daughter, and myself. We usually host a large gathering, and it is my hope we can do so again next year safely. However, this year, we will have individual gatherings and then cap it off with a big family Zoom meeting.

So, thank you for what you do. Thanks for being heroes and fighting the good fight. We will continue to do what we can to support you at work and at home. You are who we are Thankful for this year.