Infographic: Which communication solution is best for your healthcare organization?

Your guide to choosing the technology that’s right for you

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The Joint Commission has released its 2021 National Patient Safety goals and, once again, improving staff communication is a priority. Beyond being a regulatory requirement, improving communication among caregivers is a vital step to improving patient outcomes.

Is your organization considering an investment in technology for improved clinical communication and care collaboration? The right technology can help close communication gaps and enable faster, unified communication.

The challenge for CIOs and other healthcare professionals: identifying a solution that fits. There are a number of elements to consider:

  • Is a hands-free solution your only priority, or do you need a solution that can solve more problems?
  • Does your organization need an enterprise-wide comprehensive communication solution, or simply a basic secure messaging solution for a single department?
  • Is it important for your organization to adopt new technology that is built for and hosted in the cloud?

These are just a few of the factors that influence which technology is most likely to meet your needs. For many organizations, a comprehensive clinical communication and collaboration platform is the best fit.

All the possibilities can be overwhelming, but the attached infographic can help you make an informed decision. The intuitive flowchart will guide you to a recommended solution, and it takes just moments to explore.

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