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Public Safety

Spok offers decades of experience improving public safety response with advanced communications:

For decades, Spok has been providing critical communication solutions that help organizations integrate technology, automate processes, consolidate operations, and standardize communications. Spok delivers smart, reliable communication solutions to help protect the health, well-being, and safety of people around the globe.

We’ve honed our expertise in critical communications through years of working with federal agencies, military bases, colleges and universities, and local public safety answering points to develop and implement technology solutions which increase the safety of all visitors, staff, and guests of our customers.

"From the location of a fire to the details of a hostage situation, responders need to know what they’re preparing for, and they need that information right away. Spok… quickly delivers messages wherever they need to go—in all the formats and to all the devices we use. "

–Anne McNulty
Applications Specialist Douglas County Sheriff's Office

9-1-1 call center operations

Enable more accurate and faster emergency dispatching by giving your public safety answering point (PSAP) call-takers the speed and flexibility to field emergency calls. Give PSAP call-takers an easy-to-use, standards-based graphical interface that integrates with the underlying phone system, database utilities, mapping systems, and other resources. This puts critical information and tasks at the call-takers’ fingertips. Police, fire, EMT, and hazmat personnel can be instantly involved in the call with a single click of the mouse or touch of the screen.

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Enhanced 9-1-1 (e9-1-1)

Spok’s E9-1-1 solutions make sure the exact location of the 9-1-1 call—not just the billing address—is passed to the 9-1-1 answering point (PSAP). In the case that the caller cannot provide his or her location information, you’ll know the software has it taken care of, allowing first responders to quickly reach the emergency and avoid confusion about where to direct the appropriate response resources.

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Emergency notification

In an emergency, every second counts and lives are at stake. Manage time-sensitive communications with Spok’s emergency notification system, which initiates, monitors, and manages emergency notifications of all types. It automatically delivers messages, collects responses, escalates to other personnel if needed, and logs all activities for reporting and analysis.

Brochure: e.Notify

Critical alerting and alarm management

Effective technology that integrates once-disparate systems in ways that improve response time and safety is vital for efficient public safety communications. Spok’s alarm management solution integrates alarm systems such as fire detection, door alarms, and security/duress systems to the mobile communication devices your staff carry, including Wi-Fi phones, pagers, smartphones, and other technology. Providing the correct personnel with immediate notifications, including a full audit trail of bi-directional communications flow, allows for fast action and minimizes potential damage, litigation, or losses.

 Brochure: Critical Alerting
 Case Study: Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

Secure smartphone messaging

In today’s digital world, data security and information integrity are priorities for local as well as national security. The same is true for the critical messages and notifications sent throughout your organization. You can leverage the latest devices with strong attention to security using encrypted messages sent to your staff’s smartphones. These messages are encrypted on the ‘send’ side as well as the ‘receive’ side, helping to ensure private messages stay that way. This functionality separates critical messages from less important emails or SMS messages using a password-protected inbox. It also provides a full audit trail of delivery receipts for accountability. Message recipients have the ability to actively acknowledge messages and also respond using free-form text, which is kept with the original message in the system log for continuity purposes.

 Brochure: Spok Mobile

Call recording

Easily record, monitor, and score your call center operators’ conversations to better manage calls, provide focused training, and improve customer service. Spok’s call recording solution records all calls in and out of your contact center, simultaneously enabling supervisors to monitor agent conversations in real time. The solution suite provides tools to score agents’ call handling performance in a number of categories. The result is a clear view of how to improve the quality of the customer experience through individualized training.

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