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Transforming an Industry: What It’s Like to Work at Spok

Watch this video to go behind the scenes in Spok’s Eden Prairie, Minn., office: You’ll learn about the solutions Spok develops, and why collaborating to build them means so much to our employees. You’ll also get a feel for our company culture of collaboration, and the underlying beliefs, values, and people that make Spok a great place to work. Apply to join our amazing team and help us improve healthcare: Browse our current opportunities.

Video Transcript:

John LaLonde, Chief Technology Officer: Spok provides integrated solutions for health systems all around the world to improve workflow and to enable more effective clinical communication and collaboration.

Sarb Singh-Kaur, VP, Development: Getting the right people at the right place at the right time can be the difference between the patient surviving or having complications in its care. We get to work on things like creating very modern and conversational user interfaces. We get to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to create cognitive workflows. We basically use all of the principles associated with the IoT technologies that are proliferating in the world today and bring them within the setting of healthcare.

John Lalonde: This is a terrific time for engineers and product managers to be at Spok because of the new technologies we are about to introduce into the market.

Bridget Wahlstrom, Director, Product Management: We are really taking all of the products that we have in the marketplace right now, and re-envisioning them for the future to help solve really important problems for healthcare organizations.

Vicky Meuangsaksith, Software Test Manager: Bringing automation to the forefront is a big initiative for 2018 and beyond, and the goal is really to deliver products faster, and then to expose team members to skills they currently don’t have.

Bridget Wahlstrom: Spok’s products are really a suite of products, so while my product is a really key piece of it, it’s not something that is sold alone. So, it’s really awesome to work in an environment where you’ve got a team of people that are working together to help bring forward that product vision that you’re selling to your customers.

Keith Bivens, Lead, Technical Support: Working at Spok is definitely fun; it’s very challenging. You’re always being pushed towards being your best while having fun at the same time.

Bridget Wahlstrom: There are a lot of fun people here at Spok to work with. They come from a variety of different backgrounds. We have people that have healthcare experience, people that have domain expertise, people that are just great at what they do. You can definitely go and talk to anybody within the organization about any of the questions you have—anyone from the team members, the technical product managers, people in other departments such as service or support, or anyone on the leadership team. They all are interested in making sure that we’re able to work effectively and have what we need to get our jobs done.

Sarb Singh-Kaur: Working at Spok right now is extremely exciting. We are growing at a very fast pace. We’re poised to not only become the leader in communication, but also to transform an industry. We’re bringing in great talent; we’re bringing people who understand what healthcare is all about, understand our customers. We try to strive for understanding every single job that somebody is trying to do.

John LaLonde: What drives me to come to work every day is the opportunity to work with a very talented team. From development engineers, to marketing, service support, product management. All of us have a shared purpose, and a mission to improve patient care, with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes.