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Spok: Leading Change in Healthcare

At Spok, our customers are doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators. They have an important mission, and we’re proud to represent that mission in everything we do. All 600+ employees of Spok have a passion for healthcare and a commitment to our core values of communications, innovation, accountability, and putting the customer first.

Hear from eight Spok leaders to learn how we’re living those values every day and changing the way healthcare communicates. We’re coders, problem solvers, and learners who are helping caregivers act faster, heal bodies, and save lives.

Video Transcript

Vince Kelly: Spok is the leader in critical communications within the healthcare context.

Donna Scott: The U.S. News and World Report Honor Roll hospitals are all Spok customers.

Vince Kelly: Our customers are doctors, you know, nurses, hospital administrators, and so they have a very important mission, and we’re proud to represent that mission.

Hemant Goel: We have an obligation, as well as an opportunity, to really complement EMRs and all that investment. This journey of how to bend the quality curve up and the cost curve down.

Andrew Mellin: In healthcare today, we are under constant pressure to act faster, and one of the biggest barriers is communication. So I think the opportunity is how do we get that care team together in a virtual way.

Nat’e Guyton: Spok is really improving not only the patient satisfaction but the entire patient experience.

Mark Costanza: We’re placing a big emphasis on being problem solvers, using technology to solve a problem as opposed to just installing technology.

Don Soucy: We have an unbelievable amount of tribal knowledge, so folks with a lot of experience, sometimes decades worth of experience, whether it be technical or clinical. But at the same time they have a big desire to learn.

Vince Kelly: It’s not just about developing solutions; you’ve got to have an entire organization that evangelizes for those solutions, that looks at the customer as somebody that they want to help and that they want to consultatively service over time, and we’re doing all that right now.

Bonnie Culp: I think we have an energy that goes along with being a part of something that’s bigger than yourself. What we do here really does matter. What they’re coding is making a difference in communications in patient care so that patient care providers can speak to each other when communications are really critical.

Andrew Mellin: And together we can impact the lives of patients—thousands, hundreds of thousands of patients—across the country.

Hemant Goel: I see Spok taking communications to a completely different level where it goes above and beyond just clinicians, to everyone who’s involved in patient care and quality of life.