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Spok Go® Clinical Workflow Videos

See Spok Go in action

Do you want to learn more about Spok GoWatch these short workflow videos for a more in-depth look at the Spok Go clinical communication platform.  

Introduction to a clinical communication platform 

Discover Spok Go, a platform with an intuitive and customizable interface that takes secure messaging to a new level. See how automated alerts can be routed to the right clinician to save time when seconds count. It’s easy to see how Spok Go enables smarter, faster clinical communication between all care team members—even those without access to the EHR.  

Group messaging 

Discover how Spok Go integrates with directory information, clinical systems, the EHR, and on-call schedules to streamline communication workflows. 

See how users have access to real-time information regardless of location or device. Users can send secure messages, images, data, and videos. Behind the scenes, the platform logs all communication, ensuring the information is readily available for auditing purposes.

Nurse call

Discover how the intelligent nurse call workflow design sends notifications of critical information to any clinician on any device.  

See how the platform automatically escalates messages for declined or unacknowledged alerts. This allows hospitals to maintain a record of every notification—when it was received, viewed, and responded to. 

Critical test result alerts

Discover how Spok Go delivers radiology and laboratory results by sharing test results quickly and effectively.  

Delays in patient care, such as postponing surgery, can result in lost revenue for the hospital and increased length of stay for patients. In this scenario, you’ll see how Spok Go increases clinical efficiency and ensures that surgery is performed as planned—saving time and money, while improving patient outcomes.  

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Secure messaging
Enable seamless communication with care teams across your health system

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On-call scheduling
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Clinical care
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Clinical diagnostics
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