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Solving the Interoperability Challenge

Healthcare today is complex: Many systems collect data on vitals and beep about updates, and care is coordinated by diverse teams. Both the systems and the care team members need to be able to share important information related to patient care, like admissions and discharges; new test results; and patient information contained in the EHR. Interoperability is when the various systems involved enable this process to happen efficiently and allow caregivers to use the best tools to support their workflows, regardless of the original source of data.

Watch this video to learn how Spok Care Connect® supports interoperability by working with the vast amount of patient information in existing hospital systems. Explore a few examples of interoperability with Spok in action, and how this exchange of information benefits the patient and helps Spok customers achieve measurable, meaningful results.

Spok can help you with your Electronic Healthcare Records Integration

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