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Professional Services

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At Spok, we’re with you every step of the way. From the earliest stages of project planning all the way through implementation and end-user training, our goal is to go above and beyond to make sure your communication solution rollout is successful. If you need enterprise communications throughout your entire organization or a solution for just one area, our experienced consultants, certified project managers, and training experts can help.

If you have a question or would like to inquire about Spok’s professional services, please reach out to your Spok sales representative.

Solution Design

Start your project off on the right foot with identified measurable objectives and a solution to help you achieve them.

Solution design includes an analysis of your current processes and the desired outcomes to understand your specific challenges and business needs. This will help identify exactly what solutions you may or may not need before you make a purchase. It may also uncover ideas you may not have considered yet that can help you better prepare for the future.

Whether you are looking to supplement the skills of your existing team, or want to plan for the unexpected, Spok’s experts can offer guidance as you design a solution for your immediate needs, as well as ask questions and anticipate long-term requirements. We can help you outline the project, as well as identify precisely how you will track your progress and measure the success of a new technology or implementation. Before you even purchase a product, identify the right solution to fit your specifications and needs.

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Project Team

Give your project a dedicated team of experienced consultants who will support your project every step of the way.

Spok offers you a dedicated project team to support you through your project journey. When your project launches you will meet your PMP-certified project manager, a solution consultant and a technical consultant. This experienced team will work with you to develop a working project plan and a comprehensive Statement of Work to make sure your project is defined and stays on task.

"There was a sense of partnership and collaboration with the Spok team. They were interested in creating a strong foundation. They looked at the problem we wanted to solve today, but they also wanted to enable us for future success. "

–-Anne Lara Chief Information Officer Union Hospital Read the News Release

Consultation and Configuration

Build the solution you need for your hospital with direct guidance from Spok’s consultants and database experts.

During the discovery and configuration phase of the project, your dedicated project team will map out the existing workflows at your hospital you are looking to include or improve upon in your project, and use these details to customize the solution design for your location. This includes mapping data sources and planning configurations to support your goals and help you achieve measurable outcomes for success. This attention to detail carries through the technical set-up and the configuration of your onsite hardware, confirmation of migrated and centralized data integrity, and testing.


Founded in 1911, Maimonides Medical Center is a private, not-for-profit hospital serving a diverse population in the Borough of Brooklyn in New York City. Licensed for 711 beds, Maimonides is an academic medical center with more than 70 primary care and sub-specialty programs.

Ongoing Optimization

Maintain the momentum and keep moving toward your goals with ongoing support.

After installation, training, and your project’s go-live, Spok’s team can help you keep the momentum going. At regular intervals after your solution is implemented, Spok will touch base to assess how your project is going, help you keep your goals on target, and answer questions. Our team is also available to help you build out additional project plans for continuing improvements in pursuit of your organizational goals.

"With [Spok’s] help, IT has taken on the role of training and support. Everything else is pretty fluid; data comes in and goes out and changes are automated. "

–Katy Desantis Telecommunications Manager Maimonides Medical Center


Train your users how to use, administer, and maintain your new solutions for maximum success.

Spok will work with you to design the best training program for your end users, specific to the configurations of your new solution. From in-depth training on the basic functionalities, to usage scenarios and refresher courses, Spok’s experts provide a tailored curriculum to fit your needs and help you be successful.​


Prepare your production environment, plan and implement your solutions, and receive post-implementation support.

After working with your team through designing, planning for, and configuring the solution for your environment, Spok continues to offer support as your solution becomes live. This includes helping you prepare your production environment, implementation plan, and post-implementation support for your technical team and end users. From helping staff install Spok’s secure messaging application (Spok Mobile®) on their devices, to helping contact center operators acclimate to new or upgraded software, Spok can be as hands-on as you need.