University of Utah Health Case Study: Care Without Compromise

University of Utah Health, an award-winning health system with over 1,300 physicians in more than 150 medical specialties, has a mission to provide care without compromise. Go behind the scenes at University of Utah Health to learn how Spok Care Connect® helps them fulfill that mission.

University of Utah Health’s CIO, CMIO, director of emergency management, and communications services manager explain why Spok is such an integral part of University of Utah Health’s communications: It is a foundational piece of patient care, and anything that helps facilitate communication is benefiting patient treatment. With Spok Care Connect in place throughout the system, University of Utah Health has improved communication among clinicians and with patients, increased the efficiency of multiple departments, and sped response in emergencies where every second counts. 

“We absolutely have to have a secure encryption tool to communicate between our staff literally on a moment-by-moment basis.” 
–Jim Turnbull,