Case studies

Maimonides Medical Center


Founded in 1911, Maimonides Medical Center is a private, not-for-profit hospital serving a diverse population in the Borough of Brooklyn in New York City. Licensed for 711 beds, Maimonides is an academic medical center with more than 70 primary care and sub-specialty programs.


  • Healthcare


  • Operator console, web directory, and on-call scheduling solutions
  • Spok professional services

Business drivers

  • To ensure accurate contact information in the staff directory and on-call schedules
  • To fully utilize the operator console’s capabilities


  • Staff can access the latest information in the staff directory at any time
  • Simplified flow of updated contact information into multiple systems, improving accuracy
  • Enabled operators to spend less time updating paper-based on-call schedules and more time on caller assistance

The challenge

Maimonides Medical Center is a long-time customer of Spok call center solutions. During a recent upgrade, they changed the way information fed into their console system. The goal was to simplify and standardize how contact information was entered into the staff directory and enable end-users to update it themselves versus involving the call center. The hospital needed to have uniform information across more than 20 systems.

The solution

“We’re a best practices hospital and don’t have just one vendor,” said Katy Desantis, Telecommunications Manager at Maimonides. “We wanted to have the same information in each system we use, especially for physicians. It’s all about accurate caregiver contact information.” All employees access one employee web directory—it’s the source of on-call information and resident hours tracking. It also contains all pager numbers and other contact details. Ensuring data is correct requires many departments to continuously update information.

To help them get their arms around all of this, Maimonides partnered with Spok Services. Spok services was integral in feeding information into the staff directory and working with the clinical and telecommunications teams at Maimonides to integrate all of the different systems.

With help [from Spok], IT has taken on the role of training and support. Everything else is pretty fluid; data comes in and goes out and changes are automated.

– Katy Desantis, Telecommunications Manager

The result

The staff directory at Maimonides now gets bidirectional information updates through payroll and credentialing, keeping everything standardized and up-to-date. Maimonides also addressed the on-call scheduling process. “We found operators were writing down who was on call each day. Now departments have to input their own information and are responsible for having a contact identified in the system 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Spok Services also helped train Maimonides staff on the operator console’s capabilities. The system upgrade was treated like a new implementation with a large focus on education and customizing the programs. “There was an organizational move to use our products to their fullest capacity, and in conjunction with our upgrade we wanted to make sure all of our [Spok] modules were active,” said Desantis. “With help [from Spok], IT has taken on the role of training and support. Everything else is pretty fluid; data comes in and goes out and changes are automated.”