Aspen Healthcare - Holly House Hospital


Aspen Healthcare is an influential healthcare leader in the United Kingdom which consists of four private acute care hospitals, one cancer center, and three ambulatory day surgery centers. The organization provides the communities with a range of medical services, including outpatient clinics, health screening, postoperative care, and specialized cancer treatments. Committed to providing its communities with cutting-edge and exceptional patient care, Aspen Healthcare is rebuilding and expanding the Holly House Hospital, one of its acute care facilities.


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Business Drivers

  • Link nurse call system alerts to staff’s pagers
  • Provide exceptional patient care
  • Leverage the latest technology


  • Spok® Fusion Clinical Alerting Solution


  • Timely delivery of important alerts enhances patient care 
  • Seamless integration with nurse call system
  • Improved staff efficiency

The Challenge

Holly House Hospital has provided first-class healthcare to the UK’s Essex community for more than 30 years. The hospital had begun to experience challenges and service issues with its nurse call system and was unable to effectively send alerts to nurses.

The staff was concerned about the impact this could have on nurse-patient communications, a cornerstone of the hospital’s commitment to providing high-quality patient care. 

“Staff are able to quickly log into the system and send detailed messages to another individual or a group.”

–Andrew Grant
Director for Sanco UK

With a major expansion project approaching, it was the perfect time to make a change. Management sought an innovative and reliable solution to help streamline nurse call communications to caregivers.

The Solution

Holly House Hospital decided to implement the Spok® Fusion clinical alerting solution in conjunction with a NiQ Health® CarePlus™ nurse call system. The Spok Fusion solution now sends notifications from the nurse call system to the right on-duty staff member on his or her pager.

"The Holly House Hospital struggled for years with the limitations of an outdated paging system," said Andrew Grant, Director for Sanco UK, the organization which installed the solutions. "Throughout planning the hospital’s expansion project we were able to show the hospital the way forward for paging in the future." 

The Results

As an example of how the system works, when a patient in room 105 needs assistance and pushes the nurse call button, the nurse responsible for that patient automatically receives a pager alert indicating a nurse call request from room 105. Efficient delivery of these nurse call notifications enables Holly House Hospital nurses to respond quickly to patient needs and requests.

Additionally, when an emergency or cardiac situation arises in the hospital, a nurse initiates alerts by pressing the two emergency call buttons located in the patient’s room. A notification is automatically sent to specific members of the cardiac team, thus reducing response times and helping increase overall patient safety.

"The hospital has adapted very well to the new system and minimal training was required," said Grant. "Staff are able to quickly log into the system and send detailed messages to another individual or a group. If there is ever a dispute, the sender has the added benefit of proof the message was sent."

Spok and NiQ Health’s partnership throughout the project enabled Holly House Hospital to achieve an innovative communication workflow that helps ensure patients are receiving exceptional care.

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