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See you at AONL 2020

It’s time we make care collaboration easier for nursing teams!

AONL 2020 is the nursing leadership event of the year.

And this year’s theme is “Inspiring Nurse Leaders.”


Find us in booth #523

AONL 2020 Conference
March 18-21

We’re inspired by you!

Which is why we’re committed to offering communication solutions that help
solve your toughest challenges.

Download the Alarm Fatigue ebook

Insights into the ongoing issue of alarm fatigue

Nearly constant alarms compete for a nurse’s attention and are not prioritized by criticality.

Worst of all, the majority of the messages aren’t relevant or actionable. All the noise can lead to deadly consequences should a caregiver become desensitized and assume an alarm is false or misdirected.

Discover how alarm surveillance could help diminish or eliminate alarm fatigue in your hospital.

Be among the first to see the Spok Go® platform at AONL!

Don’t want to wait until AONL to see it?

Spok, the leading provider of clinical communications

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect to see at AONL 2020!

Patient care collaboration

Reduce wasted time looking for information in the EHR and simplify the task of finding people, groups, resources, and data.

Intelligent clinical workflows

Flexible, configurable templates to streamline workflows and intelligent routing to automate and orchestrate patient care processes.

On-call scheduling and access

Get real-time access to information regardless of location or device and reduce communication errors and delays.

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Is clinician burnout a public health crisis?

From nurse call systems to electronic health records, today’s nurses are faced with a plethora of devices and systems to help them manage care.

In this 2019 survey, 95% of clinicians believe improving EHR usability will be helpful in easing the symptoms of burnout.