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Share Your Story for Nurses Week!

Calling All Nurses: Share your insights to enter our Nurses Week Contest!

The theme of Nurses Week 2019 is 4 Million Reasons to Celebrate, and here at Spok, we want to share with the world all of the amazing things you do—things that the average patient may not know.

So tell us: What’s one thing you wish the general public knew about nurses? Provide your response with your contact information below, and you’ll be entered to win an Amazon Echo ($99.99 value).

“Nurses go into the profession because of their passion to work directly with or in support of patients/clients and their families/significant others. They are the lynchpins of healthcare teams.”

–Myra Ehrman, PMP, CPHIMS, MScN, RN
Sr. Project Manager, Professional Services, Spok

“Nursing roles have changed greatly through the years, Nurses today are patient advocates and work to improve people’s health, the healthcare process, and the technology that supports quality care.”

–Lisa Laravie, RN, PMP
Project Manager, Professional Services, Spok

“Nurses are the strongest advocates for the patient and not everyone can do this job.  We’re the most trusted profession for a reason.  We need to tell our stories to educate the public on what we do.”

–Karen Hickey, MBA, BS, RN, CCM
Enterprise Sales Director, Spok

“We nurses work to empower and support each other just as we do our patients; we learn from and support each other to ensure that we all can be effective advocates for those in our care.”

–Kristan Lalley, RN
Project Manager, Professional Services, Spok

“Nursing is not just a profession, it’s a mentality.”

–Ashley Franks, RN
Sales Engineer, Spok

“Nursing is more than a profession, it’s a calling and a passion to care, advocate, educate and heal.”

–David Gutillo, RN
Enterprise Sales Director, Spok

“Nurses are masters of time and resource management. Using critical thinking to do the most possible good and providing the best possible outcomes for their patients and families.”

–James Campbell, RN
Product Manager, Alerting and Workflow, Spok

“Many of us chose nursing as a profession because we knew we’d be with patients—and most importantly be able to help them—during some of the very worst moments of their lives.

We are driven by the hope that we can always do something to help, no matter what.”

–Katie Cornwell, MSN, NNP-BC, CNS
Director of Clinical Marketing, Spok