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Improving Manufacturing and Industrial Communication

In a manufacturing environment, rapid communication is key. Even brief periods of downtime can lead to delayed orders and higher costs. There is little margin for error. Production line problems need to be communicated immediately so action can be taken.

Leading manufacturers rely on communication systems and workflow processes to deliver critical information to mobile staff in order to react quickly and effectively to critical system downtime and alarm scenarios. Valuable personnel resources no longer have to be confined to a control room or tethered to a piece of equipment, and are enabled to be more productive.

Spok harmonizes existing communication systems and offers a comprehensive solution for private paging networks and pagers, all designed to enhance real-time messaging for staff communication and alarm notification deployment.

Our scalable event notification options also provide you with the power to manage alarms and events at the press of a button. Additionally, Spok links to wireless telephony systems and voice communication badges. Whether integrating a single application or the entire enterprise, Spok improves safety, increases efficiency and empowers a mobile staff, thereby reducing overhead costs and downtime losses by deploying real-time communications and connectivity solutions.

Delivering Messages in Mining Environments

By installing a messaging system initially designed for the healthcare environment, you are guaranteed to get the message. In an emergency situation every second is critical.


Key Functionality:

  • Integration to RFID, security, duress, man-down – Automatically alert specific team members of an incident and its location to speed response time.
  • Emergency response coordination – Leverage onsite paging to ensure messages from coordinators are received within seconds to increase the response times to emergencies.
  • Responding to equipment failures – Integration to equipment, SCADA systems, etc. so technicians or engineers can receive instant alerts of which equipment is down and its location. Responding quickly to failures saves time and money.
  • Reporting – Monitor response times to situations, equipment failures, etc. to ensure processes are being carried out properly.

Spok Industrial, Manufacturing, and Mining Solutions Include:

Enhanced 9-1-1
Emergency Notification
Facility Alarm Monitoring
Onsite Paging