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Spok®Smart Speech: Morale Call System

Helping Deployed Soldiers Keep in Touch With Loved Ones From the Front Lines

Soldiers on the front lines count on morale calls as a way to stay connected with loved ones at home. But these periodically authorized calls can be a burden on telecommunications operations. Without advanced technology, each call has to be connected, authorized, timed, and then disconnected when the authorized time expires. Multiply that process by millions of calls and you’ll easily tie up a large team of operators at each home base.

Spok® Smart Speech Morale Call automates that process. Using speech recognition technology to automate morale calls, Spok helps you eliminate the need for switchboard operators while providing faster, more accurate service to soldier callers.

The Spok system accepts spoken commands, times the calls, routes and connects the call and then alerts the caller when the set time is about to end before the call is automatically disconnected. The system streamlines communications operations while more efficiently handling the volume of these important calls. In addition, through the use of leading and industry-proven speech recognition technology, common problems with touch tone — with devices or networks — are eliminated. Some Spok solutions, including Morale Call, are fully DoD/JITC approved and on the DoD Approved Products List (APL).

No operators: Eliminating the need for operators not only provides cost savings but also allows communications personnel to be utilized for more mission-critical operations.

Efficient: Speech recognition and call transfers happen quickly and accurately, saving time and frustration for the soldiers.

Reliable: Spok has provided dependable communication solutions to government agencies for more than 20 years.

User Friendly: Speech recognition technology means that soldiers can easily make calls without the assistance of an operator.