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GSA Communication Solutions

Enhancing Critical Communications for the General Services Administration (GSA)

As you evaluate the range of critical communication options available, security and reliability are important factors. Spok has worked for decades with government agencies at all levels to help ensure communications flow smoothly in an effort to create an efficient and secure environment.

Fielding Emergency Calls Quickly and Accurately

Give public safety answering point (PSAP) call-takers the speed and flexibility to field emergency calls more accurately and faster. The Spok solution is flexible enough to incorporate new requirements as they arise, yet highly reliable to handle the critical task of answering and dispatching 9-1-1 calls. Learn more about our JITC-certified 9-1-1 call center solutions.

Leveraging the Reliability of Paging

Paging has been essential to workflows and emergency response processes for well over 30 years. And the value of paging remains high today. Learn about the many options available from Spok for helping messages get through when all other options fail.

Supporting Today’s Mobile Workforce With Secure Texting

Data security and information integrity are a priority. Keep security in the forefront by sending encrypted messages from both individuals and third-party alerting and alarming systems to your staff on their smartphones and tablets. Separate critical messages from less important emails and text messages on Apple®, Android®, Cisco®, and BlackBerry® devices. Learn more about secure smartphone texting.

Benefit From Spok’s JITC Certification

Spok solutions have passed the rigorous JITC certification process, helping to ensure unmatched reliability and security capabilities. You can rest assured that information passing through the system will not be compromised.

Spok’s GSA Contract

GSA Contract Scope:
Advanced Wireless Personal Messaging Equipment and Services (Paging) for Federal Agencies Nationwide. Messaging equipment and services are for One-Way immediate response paging, Two-Way immediate response and “store and forward” messaging and Assured Delivery messaging.

Formats shall include numeric and alpha-numeric text, voicemail and email messaging. These services shall include purchase and lease of messaging equipment, training, customer support, maintenance, add-on services, direct ordering and billing, and consolidation of requirements. Messaging services must incorporate use of small, highly portable personal messaging devices using commercially available off-the-shelf batteries or rechargeable power cells.

Messaging services will provide the capability to generate messages and receive replies via the Internet and personal computing devices using modems or other interfaces to access the Public Switched Telephone Network. Systems shall integrate both One-Way and Two-Way paging networks for delivery of messages.

General Services Administration, Federal Supply Service (GSA, FSS)
Nationwide Paging Contract for Advanced Wireless Personal Communications Equipment and Services.

GSA Contract Number: GS-35F-0262T 
Indefinite Delivery (ID), Multiple Award GSA Schedule.

GSA Contract Term: 
Awarded by GSA, FSS/IT Acquisition Center, Arlington, VA on February 6, 2007 for a five (5) year base and renewable for three (3) five-year Government renewal options.

GSA End User License Agreement

GSA Eligibility: 
Per GSA ORDER ADM 4800.2E, Eligibility to Use GSA Sources of Supply and Services, qualified buyers against the GSA contract include:

GSA Additional Information:
Visit the GSA website for additional information regarding this contract.