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eBrief: The Physician’s Guide to Getting Time Back: 3 Ways Technology Accelerates Your Workflows

Communication among physicians is critical to providing quality care. Yet necessary care conversations and colleague collaboration can be, and often is, hindered by inadequate communication infrastructure. When doctors can’t communicate with each other in an efficient manner and can’t access or include relevant clinical information in their conversations, the consequences can be great for patients and providers alike. Communication failures and breakdowns can lead to increased length of stay, delayed critical test results, and have a negative effect on the patient experience, plus result in wasted time for physicians, contributing to frustration and burnout.

This is where Spok® and the Spok Care Connect® platform come in. This guide will demonstrate three ways Spok Care Connect can accelerate your workflows, speed response times, keep patient safety at the forefront, and give you some valuable time back in your day. Time’s a-ticking…let’s dive in.

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