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Case Study: North Bristol NHS Trust

North Bristol NHS Trust


As the largest hospital trust in Southwest England, North Bristol NHS Trust employs more than 9,000 staff members who strive to personally deliver exceptional healthcare. Hospitals within the trust include Southmead Hospital Bristol and Cossham Hospital. North Bristol NHS Trust is an award-winning organisation which treats more than 300,000 patients a year in addition to being a large teaching trust.




Spok® Healthcare Console

Business Drivers

  • Create a single directory for all contact centre activities
  • Provide better service for internal and external callers


  • Faster caller service with speedy directory searches
  • Ability to reach the right individuals at all times via improved directory searches
  • Real-time and historical reporting on contact centre call volumes

The Challenge

North Bristol NHS Trust prides itself as an organisation which provides services of exemplary quality in all aspects of the trust—including the hospital contact centre. The trust’s IT Switchboard Service Team comprises 20 operators responsible for providing 24/7/365 call processing and messaging support to staff, patients, and visitors.

The operator console solution the trust was using to process calls did not have integration with various hospital directories. When changes were needed, this meant multiple directories needed to be updated and often resulted in inaccurate information. North Bristol NHS Trust’s directory only allowed operators to search for one field at a time, leading to longer wait times for callers.

Additionally, the solution did not contain reporting functionality. This made it difficult for management to spot trends in call volumes, as well as manage service levels and productivity. All of these factors resulted in inefficient call handling and lower productivity among staff.

“The IT Switchboard Service Team at North Bristol NHS Trust was moving to a new state-of-the-art facility, and we knew it was time for a more advanced contact centre solution,” said Rhian Bidlake-Corser, IT Project Manager, North Bristol NHS Trust.

"We choose Spok’s operator console because of its robust functionality and the flexibility it gives us to build upon in the future. "

––Rhian Bidlake-Corser, IT Project Manager

The Solution

North Bristol NHS Trust went in search of new call-taking software. “We choose Spok’s operator console because of its robust functionality and the flexibility it gives us to build upon in the future,” said Bidlake-Corser.

More than 125,000 organisations worldwide rely on Spok solutions to improve communications. The Spok Healthcare Console solution brings information from the trust’s separate patient and staff directories into one simplified view. North Bristol NHS Trust operators can now search multiple fields to filter the data more efficiently to connect callers more quickly with the parties they need to reach.

“In addition to directory look-ups, operators can quickly contact staff and transfer calls. This has improved their service level performance,” said Bidlake-Corser.

The Results

With the Spok Healthcare Console solution in place, productivity and service level performance of contact centre staff at North Bristol NHS Trust have increased. The healthcare organisation leverages Spok’s real-time and historical reporting functionality to experience a fairer distribution of calls among operators, spot trends in call activity, and monitor operator performance.

Patient safety has also been enhanced across the trust through the use of Spok’s console solution. The contact centre team is responsible for launching emergency communications. Operators are now able to quickly reach the right staff members on the right devices, thus speeding care.

The Future

North Bristol NHS Trust is looking to extend the success of the Spok contact centre solution to the entire trust by implementing the Spok® Web Directory.

Rota management at North Bristol NHS Hospital will be managed within the Spok Healthcare Console. This will allow operators to use one system to search for on-call staff by department across the entire organisation. This quick access to directory and on-call information improves operator efficiency, thus improving service to callers as well as patient care.

The web directory solution also enables doctors, nurses, and staff to access the trust directory and on-call rotas from a web browser, allowing them to send messages without operator assistance and boost efficiency.