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Spok and Cisco

Spok And Cisco Deliver Critical Communications to the Healthcare Industry

Today, hospitals are increasingly looking to implement Cisco technologies to support mission-critical communications and patient safety. Spok and Cisco have worked together for many years to help healthcare leaders save lives, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

Spok® Solutions Complete Cisco Certification: The latest versions of the Spok operator console applications have successfully completed interoperability testing with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) version 11.5, Cisco Unified Contact Center Express version 11.5, and Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise version 11.5.

Spok Messenger: FDA 510(k) clearance. 


To learn more about Spok’s relationship with Cisco and our Cisco Channel Program, please contact our Alliances team: ciscosales@spok.com

The Spok Solution in Cisco Healthcare Environments

Web-Based On-Call Scheduling

Enable qualified users to log on anywhere, anytime to the Web-based directory to perform a variety of important updates, manage scheduling, send messages, and perform directory searches. Users can access these systems via any web browser, and the on-call scheduling function can be distributed to various departments, freeing call center operators to focus on more in-depth customer service initiatives.

Emergency Notification

Rally teams quickly by sending messages to a specified group on each person’s Cisco® or other mobile device. The ability to track responses and escalate messages to others reduces confusion and speeds response.

Connecting Monitoring System Alerts to Mobile Devices via Clinical Alerting Middleware

Connect virtually all crucial alert systems, including nurse callfire, securitypatient monitoring, and building management, to mobile staff via their wireless communication devices. In addition to Cisco® Wi-Fi phones, these devices can include smartphones, pagers, and more. The ability to reach mobile team members within seconds of an alert improves overall workflow, staff productivity, and the comfort and safety of everyone in your facility. In addition, Spok’s solution has FDA 510(k) clearance.

Secure Texting

Leverage smartphones alongside pagers for messaging (including code calls), allowing staff to carry a single device for all communications where appropriate. Phones can access the full directory of accurate contact information, send messages/photos/videos to smartphones and other devices, and ensure critical communications are logged—all with security, traceability, and reliability in mind. Create a closed loop of communications through delivery receipts and active acknowledgements, free-form text responses, and a full audit trail.

Critical Test Results Management

Automate and streamline the process of delivering critical test results and lab alerts to the right clinicians to help ensure patient safety. Closed-loop communications enable Radiology and Lab personnel to spend less time tracking down doctors and more time interpreting results. This solution has achieved FDA 510(k) clearance as a class II medical device.

Call Center communications

The Spok suite of contact center solutions, sometimes referred to as operator services, enables operators to connect staff and external callers in a way that is accurate, fast, reliable, and professional.

  • Learn how the Spok® Eclipse call accounting solution brings a wealth of eye-opening call center statistics to light in concert with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager platform. Download the datasheet.