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What’s in an Upgrade? Spok Mobile™ 4.0

September 2, 2014

We’ve been talking about the next big release of our secure messaging app for several months. I presented webinars demonstrating some of the new features and enhancements. The Physician Advisory Board and members of our Spok Directions user group have been using a beta version and giving us feedback. And finally, I am thrilled to announce that the wait is over—Spok Mobile™ 4.0 is available in the App Store and Google Play.

This release is exciting on a number of fronts. One of the new features, a status indicator, lets you see right away if the person you’re messaging is available or not. Another new feature, called Spheres, lets people download a free trial version of the app and get started with a simple registration. Through the trial version, registered users can securely send text messages to other app users and invite colleagues to join their sphere. The Spheres feature does not, however, offer the full capabilities available from Spok Mobile. The real benefits of Spok’s app lie not in the security, but in the integrations that turn the solitary app into a valuable spoke in the bigger wheel of overall communications.

What I’ve heard from physicians is that the pie in the sky for mobile healthcare providers right now is a single, portable device that lets them do absolutely everything – send and receive messages and phone calls, access a patient’s EMR, dictate notes, order and view diagnostic exams, reference knowledge centers, video conference with the entire patient care team, and more. Technology isn’t there yet, and many clinicians today carry multiple devices to do all of these different functions. Spok Mobile can start moving providers toward that goal of complete integration by giving them a more comprehensive communication tool that brings together the web directory, on-call schedules, group messaging, call-back buttons and more, all within a secure envelope. If you’re curious to learn more, here’s a brief video about Spok Mobile, and also a customer case study video. What are your integration goals? What do you wish your communication tools could do?

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By Jim Cikanek, Senior Product Manager
Jim Cikanek is Senior Product Manager, Mobile, at Spok. He specializes in the creation of strong, market-changing products through design, technology, and a little bit of “what if.” His focus over the past five years has been in the mobile arena, and he currently oversees the direction and development of Spok’s secure messaging applications.