Video: Go “beyond” secure texting in healthcare

See it in action: Spok Go® secure messaging

Clinicians want to spend more time with their patients. They need tools that lessen administrative work and reduce communication delays.

Why not give them a solution that goes beyond ‘basic’ secure texting?

Introducing Spok Go® secure messaging.

  • Reduces wasted time looking for patient information
  • Allows users to filter messages by priority and search by role

It’s not added technology. It’s better technology. Helping care teams communicate effectively and efficiently.

  • Send secure messages and images
  • See real-time information regardless of location or device
  • Make voice calls to Spok Go users within the app

Built for the cloud, Spok Go meets and exceeds secure message and compliance requirements. Plus, all communications are logged with security, traceability, and reliability in mind.

Secure messaging is part of the Spok Go base platform. Spok Go is great for hospitals, laboratories, and health systems.

Spok Go: One communication platform to connect the entire care network. Ready to learn more? Let’s talk. Request a demo today.

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