A Tale of Two Companies: And Then They Were One

Today is a really special occasion.

Companies often modify their brands, refine their messages, and redesign logos. Less frequent in the marketplace, though, are examples of two companies becoming a unified entity with a singular mission. As of today, USA Mobility Wireless and Amcom Software have come together as Spok, Inc. (Our name is pronounced “spoke.”)

Why are we re-branding ourselves when we already have established and respected brand loyalty in the USA Mobility Wireless and Amcom Software names? In part, it’s because we’ve grown beyond the bounds of both names. We’re not just in the U.S. anymore, we’re a global company. We’re not just a software company, or just a wireless provider. We’ve been together for several years now integrating our services to better serve our customers, and we are proud to be a leader in critical communications for over 125,000 organizations in healthcare, government, public safety, and other industries. Each month, we deliver millions of messages across a host of devices – from smartphones and pagers, to tablets and Wi-Fi enabled devices – so information is delivered when and where it matters most.

Dependable critical communications are paramount for individuals in healthcare, public safety, and a host of other industries. Our technology is used by people who save lives. Whether it’s a doctor treating a patient, or an emergency operator responding to a critical event, Spok’s suite of solutions give people quick and easy access to the information they need to assess a situation and respond.

And Spok is not a random name. It is fitting for our business because it evokes an integral part of a greater whole: like the spokes of a wheel, each supporting the other and the overall network. It’s about movement, strength, reliability, and speed. All the things you need in your critical communications. After all, a closed loop is what it’s all about.

Spok is moving forward, in partnership with our customers. When communications matter, Spok delivers. I’m very excited about this new chapter in our collective story as a leader in critical communications and invite you to watch this video to learn more!