More Than Secure Messaging

Think back to your first mobile phone. It probably flipped open, and ‘mobile phone’ pretty much described how you used it. It was designed for connecting with people via voice and text messages. You took it with you, but it wasn’t a big deal if you left it in your desk drawer while in meetings, and you powered it off every night.

Now think about what you carry with you today. No longer just a phone, your mobile device is interfaced with every aspect of your life. Mine connects me to my family and friends in myriad ways—voice and text still, but also social media. It’s my personal assistant, able to send me reminders about my calendar and give me directions. It bridges my professional and personal lives, giving me access to work email and applications as well as my collections of music, books, and fantasy football scores.

My mobile device has become ubiquitous because it is so robust in functionality and integrated with my daily life. Its true value lies neither in the device itself nor in its basic functionality, but in its connections to other systems and sources of information.  I can’t imagine going anywhere without it.

Spok Mobile is Spok’s secure text messaging solution, but that’s actually a little bit of a misnomer because its capabilities go far beyond that. Why do companies need more than just texting?  Two reasons: security and integration.  The messaging built into iPhone® and Android™ phones is so secure that the NSA is protesting it, so why doesn’t that messaging meet customer needs?  The reason is that they are limited to the personal directory you have on your device. Spok Mobile bridges the security and integration gaps. Not only is it HIPAA-compliant and provides enhanced security measures for PHI, but it also boasts integrations to other Spok solutions and third-party applications that allow it to permeate and enhance clinical workflows.

When I’m asked what sets Spok apart from other secure text messaging solutions, it all goes back to the directory and workflows that communication enables. When you put all of Spok’s solutions together, you get a fully integrated, strategic critical communications system that connects with PBXs, nurse call and bed management systems, clinical systems, electronic health records, and human resource systems. You get access to the hospital’s full directory and on-call schedules. You can also securely send and track clinical alerts, critical test results, and other messages to smartphones, tablets, pagers, Wi-Fi phones, and other common devices. You get excellent communications that can lead to improved patient safety, increased satisfaction, and better efficiencies. Sometimes these integrated, secure communications can even mean the difference between life and death.