Increasing Patient Care Delivery—Behind the Scenes With Spok’s CEO and COO

It’s a good feeling when a project wraps up successfully. This past weekend brought an exciting conclusion to a new type of assignment for me – a television segment on 21st Century’s Corporate Review series. April 5 was the first of five airings for the segment, which featured an interview with Vince Kelly, our chief executive officer, and Hemant Goel, our chief operating officer. I helped coordinate Spok’s participation in the piece, which focused on improving patient care through efficient communications.

Spok’s communication solutions are used by people who save lives, and it was great to hear the importance and implications of this from two of our top executives. Vince mentioned that a lot of our customers are focused on increasing the care delivery to patients while simultaneously decreasing costs. Hemant added that improving overall workflows is the goal via our contact center, mobile, alerting, and notification solutions. He also explained that Spok uses a single source of contact and scheduling information so staff can find the right person for a critical test result, a code call, or a patient alert 24 hours a day. And faster communications mean faster treatment planning and patient care.

Beyond hearing their on-screen comments, this project was an opportunity for me to get to know Vince and Hemant better. I haven’t worked with them one-on-one like this before and it was nice to build a stronger relationship with them.

This was my first project working with broadcast TV, and it was definitely an educational one. TV production is a fast-paced environment, and seeing the behind-the-scenes work on things like camera angles and lighting was really interesting. The finished segment is fantastic and also featured one of our customers, Banner Health. We did some filming on location at Banner Health in Phoenix, where staff demonstrated how smoother communications are having a positive impact on their clinical workflows. We are also producing a full video case study to show the amazing things Banner Health is doing with our software both in their call center and on patient floors.

If you didn’t get a chance to see it, you can watch the Corporate Review segment here.

What about your hospital? Are you also looking to improve the speed of patient care and reduce costs at the same time? Is there a specific initiative you are working on, such as cutting excess time from notifying providers of test results, or alerting nurses on their mobile devices when there is a change in patient vitals? Write to us with your questions to see what we can do to help!