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Face-to-Face Connections

October 19, 2014

WindmillI arrived in San Antonio yesterday morning, greeted by a balmy 75˚F degrees (it was hovering around freezing when I left home). Traveling south for warmer weather is a treat, but the real excitement for me this week is getting to talk with customers face-to-face. Many people know my voice from our regular Spok Directions User Group calls. I also speak with customers to collaborate on news releases and case studies about their amazing stories.

That’s what brings a lot of folks to our event every year, actually. This is my fifth annual conference, and I hear over and over that a big highlight for attendees is hearing case studies directly from other customers. What were the communication challenges at their institution, and how did they look for a solution? What did they end up doing about it, and how did the rollout and integrations work? What do staff and patients think? I expect this year to exceed expectations with our customer stories on secure texting rollouts, linking clinical system alerts to staff’s mobile devices, code call coordination, call center mergers and improvements, and more. We’re all looking forward to hearing these starting tomorrow.

This evening, however, is our Welcome Reception. I look forward to greeting many familiar faces, as well as meeting new customers joining us for the first time. To all of you who are here, or will be soon: Welcome! And if you are not able to join the conversations in person this year, you can still participate through our Mobility in Healthcare blogFacebook, and Twitter. And if you’re looking to connect more directly, I invite you to join Spok Directions and become part of the conversation throughout the year.

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By Jill Asby, Marketing Communications Manager