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With Device Diversity and Flexibility for All

June 27, 2017

The State of Mobile Communications in Healthcare

They say the only constant in healthcare is change—and we would add that the only standard in communication devices is your own. Each year, we survey Spok customers about the mobile devices they support. Our 2017 survey revealed that they support just about everything:

It’s clear hospital staff members carry a diverse mix of mobile devices to do their jobs. No matter what that mix is, Spok can accommodate the various roles and communication needs because we support all of these mobile devices. Spok Care Connect® is device neutral, and our solutions include secure messaging, voice, alarms, and alerts across many modalities to offer complete flexibility to hospital care teams. No matter if you’re carrying a smartphone or a pager—or both—you can count on Spok to connect people and systems to enable smarter communications.

Send Pages Directly to Your Smartphone

One popular option for busy physicians who have a smartphone and a pager, but only want to carry one at a time, is Spok Mobile® + Pager. This solution allows healthcare organizations to send messages to Spok pager numbers and have them automatically go to the right person’s smartphone via Spok Mobile, our secure mobile messaging solution. All of this is accomplished without changing the way messages are sent or updating pager numbers.

While the smartphone option for pagers adds convenience and a full audit trail for traceability, pagers are still more reliable than smartphones. Spok Mobile + Pager also gives you a redundant pager option for this purpose.  You have the ability to keep your existing paging device or set of pagers active for emergency preparedness.

Busy physicians love the convenience of being able to carry just one device or choose the device that works best for them:

Push Messages to Your Smartwatch

Spok Mobile + Pager is also compatible with iOS® and Android™ wearable devices. Messages that are sent to your pager can appear on both your phone and your smartwatch. Unlike some other solutions on the market, we don’t mean a simple push notification that you have a message waiting. With Spok Mobile, you can actually read the content of the message on your watch. So, whether you’re in surgery or in the pool, as Dr. Vartabedian demonstrated recently, you can still receive and respond to critical messages when you don’t have your phone handy.

Clinical Communications on Your Terms

The ability to communicate across multiple devices (smartphones, pagers, tablets, Wi-Fi phones, etc.) is no longer optional in today’s healthcare environment. Our solutions support a flexible, diverse device mix. In addition to pagers, smartphones, and smartwatches, Spok Care Connect supports tablets, Wi-Fi phones, voice badges, desk phones, and more.

Spok’s broad and flexible device-neutral communications infrastructure not only supports swift, effective care coordination, but it also puts preference in the hands of the health system and their caregivers. We’ll never tell you that you have to replace your pagers, or that you need all members on the care team to use the same type of device. We’ll leave that up to you. We’ll just be here to support you and enable smarter clinical communications, no matter what mobile device you choose.

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By Bridget Wahlstrom, Senior Product Manager, Mobile
Bridget is an experienced product management executive with expertise in product and project management and Agile methodologies. She has over nine years of product management experience in state-of-the-art, quality-driven environments. She has spearheaded the overall product development function and redefined and realigned its role as a strategic business partner. Bridget resides in Minnesota and enjoys spending time with her daughters, running, and biking. Connect with Bridget on LinkedIn.