Electronic Medical Records Integration

Improving Care Coordination by Sharing Critical Information Quickly Across the Enterprise

Spok continually evaluates new ways to expand the value of Spok Care Connect® across the healthcare IT ecosystem to help your organisation meet your goals in light of investments made in electronic medical record (EMR) systems. Spok offers a variety of integration and interoperability options to share data and functionality with hospital systems key to patient care. We also leverage industry standards such as HL7 and participate in industry initiatives such as Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE).

With the wealth of information EMRs provide, it becomes more important to ensure that the critical alerts and messages staff need to execute on quickly are delivered and followed up on while filtering out or prioritising less important information. Adding detailed clinical information to an event with data from the EMR will drive faster, more efficient decision-making for providers.

The key is enabling staff with better mobile alerting and communication technology that integrates with the EMR system and helps staff address time-sensitive patient needs as soon as possible.

Directory Integration is Key

By bringing your organisation’s contact information and on-call rosters into a centralised system, staff across the organisation can find the person they need faster, particularly when a secure text messaging app is layered into the mix. Whether it’s a doctor needing a consult or a member of the care team letting a doctor know their patient is prepped for surgery, this integration saves time and can improve patient care in emergencies.


Benefits of EMR + Clinical Communications Technology:

Spok and IHE

Spok has been a member of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) since 2009 and holds a seat on the IHE Committee. This well-respected healthcare consortium promotes interoperability in the industry. Spok participates in IHE Connectathon testing events with a focus on device system integrations, and our solutions are tested against a wide variety of enterprise healthcare companies supporting EMR, patient monitoring, infusion, and OR workflow. We also participate in technical and planning committees, shaping the future of hospital system integration.