Clinical diagnostics

Speed delivery of radiology and laboratory results for better patient care

Improve care coordination by sharing test results quickly and effectively

Minimise potential errors in critical test results communication

Improve patient outcomes and increase business efficiency with clinical diagnostics

Quickly notify designated providers of critical test results
Securely and rapidly transfer test result information to the correct care team member. Remove manual processes to automate communication of critical test results. Improve patient safety by decreasing communication failures and delays. Better care coordination means lower cost of care and improved patient outcomes.

Radiology Lab Workflow

Escalate critical results
Don’t be left wondering if your critical results reached the right provider. Define where critical results should go and escalate them to other recipients when necessary. Trust your critical results won’t get lost in a communication dead-end.

Provide communication flexibility
Securely send messages, images, and annotations from the lab and radiology departments to a variety of endpoints such as workstations, laptops, tablets, smartphones, pagers, and other mobile devices.

Meet regulatory requirements for communication of critical results
Help ensure compliance with the Joint Commission International Patient Safety Goal #2 to report critical results of tests and diagnostic procedures on a timely basis. A time-stamped log of communications makes it easy to meet documentation requirements and help avoid potential litigation costs.

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Clinical diagnostics
Speed delivery of radiology and laboratory results for better patient care

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