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Improving Care Coordination by Sharing Test Results Quickly and Effectively

Healthcare authorities have identified failures and delays in the communication of critical test results as a major problem for patient safety. Inefficient handling of results also contributes to higher costs of care and increased risk of litigation.

Many institutions currently use a manual procedure to communicate and log critical test results management (CTRM) process steps. Automating this process with Spok can significantly reduce costs and save valuable time while improving patient care and reducing litigation costs. The solution securely and rapidly transfers information to caregivers when time is critical to patient care.

The Spok solution can send messages from the lab and radiology by means of encrypted smartphone communications, two-way paging, secure email, secure text, images, and annotations to a variety of endpoints such as workstations, laptops, tablets, smartphones, pagers, and other wireless devices.

This helps hospitals comply with and provide documentation in support of the Joint Commission International’s Patient Safety Goal #2, to “report critical results of tests and diagnostic procedures on a timely basis.”

Integrating With the Spok Suite of Communication Workflow Solutions

Secure, traceable communications and message delivery confirmations of critical test results can be achieved through integration with Spok Mobile®, an encrypted smartphone messaging application.

Why It’s Effective