Making The Patient-Nurse Connection

Messaging Made Easier With Clinical Alerting Solutions

Providing patients the ability to communicate with their assigned nurse within seconds of hitting the nurse call button offers a less stressful environment for the patient. In fact, patient satisfaction scores often hinge on communications with assigned nurses.

On the flip side, nurses typically juggle too many patients and tasks. RNs often perform duties an orderly or supply technician could do. Communication technology is needed to make nurses’ shifts flow more smoothly and eliminate excess walking and redundant effort.

"Greenslopes strives for superior patient care and excellence while focusing on quality systems, and [Spok] Messenger fits in very nicely. "

–Steve Morland Biomedical Technical Officer Greenslopes Private Hospital

Spok Nurse Call Integration Solutions

With Spok® Messenger and Spok® Fusion, you can deliver nurse call alerts directly to the appropriate nurse on his or her mobile device, enabling the nurse to respond quickly to the patient need or request. You can also direct requests for water, general information, or bathroom assistance to non-clinical staff as appropriate. Leveraging today’s variety of mobile devices helps nurses spend more time on direct patient care.

Why It’s Effective

  • Speeds response times to patient requests
  • Reduces noise on hospital floors
  • Improves patient satisfaction scores
  • Helps nurses eliminate wasted effort, improving satisfaction
  • FDA 510(k) cleared as a class II medical device, which shows the solution is keeping pace with key industry standards and guidelines