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Spok Go® consulting services

Expand the value of Spok Go

Get advanced support from trusted advisors and expert consultants to help solve your most pressing communication challenges. Spok Accelerators are virtual workshops that provide an extra boost to accelerate your time to value. Spok Service Offers are designed for organisations with more complicated needs, limited time and resources, or those who are looking for higher-touch support.

Spok Accelerators

From adoption readiness to workflow design, accelerators are affordable virtual workshops to support your team and accelerate adoption of your Spok solutions.

The Adoption Services Team will conduct an adoption readiness assessment to determine how prepared your organisation is to adopt new Spok functionality. This exercise will pinpoint areas of improvement so you can focus your adoption project based on targeted recommendations.

The Consulting Services Team will educate your group on the best approaches for designing and documenting workflows for Spok Go. If you’re looking to define and adopt new workflows within your organisation, this workshop is a must.

The Education Services Team will provide refresher training to stakeholders and/or users to increase the Spok Go solution knowledge of everyone involved. You’ll find this accelerator particularly useful if your organisation experiences a lot of workforce turnover and the resulting loss of knowledge negatively impacts adoption rates.

Spok mobility experts will provide you with a clear mobile strategy based on the precise parameters defined by your hospital or health system. The team uses industry best practices to determine policies, procedures, and guidance for mobile device procurement, deployment, management, and security.

Spok will conduct a review of your solution and implemented workflows and provide reports on user adoption, utilisation statistics, and metrics for workflows. The team will document recommendations around opportunities for improvement regarding adoption and current workflows and identify additional workflows that would benefit your organisation.

Spok Service Offers

Spok Service Offers are higher-touch, customised support options to help you drive clinical outcomes for your hospital or health system. Realise the value of leveraging trusted advisors with decades of healthcare communication industry experience.

Managing change is tough. Especially when you’re implementing new technology or changing clinical workflows. You can enlist the help of a Spok certified change practitioner to educate and deliver guidance that supports your change management strategies. We use industry best practices (Prosci’s ADKAR) to deliver tools to help you manage change and successfully drive Spok Go adoption.

This high-touch service provides extra Spok resources to help you prepare for your Spok Go launch or solution expansion. It includes expert consulting and resources to assist you throughout the launch. This includes being physically on-site (or remote, if preferred) during go live and providing comprehensive support to end users during the launch.

Knowledge is key to adoption of Spok Go, because users won’t use a solution that they don’t understand. With instructor-led training you’ll empower users with the knowledge they need to understand Spok Go and use it to its fullest capacity. A certified Spok training consultant will deliver on-site (or remote, if preferred) training and provide supporting training materials for an audience of your choosing.

Often, the data within an enterprise database is unstructured, exists in various formats with differing naming conventions, and contain duplicates and other anomalies. An experienced Spok data consultant can assist you with cleaning your data in your existing Spok Care Connect suite. This ensures optimal data integrity and conformity when launching Spok Go.

This service will help you understand how to integrate communication solutions that introduce workflow improvements. A Spok service expert will provide clinical and certified LEAN Six Sigma process improvement methods to analyse your workflows and recommend improvement metrics based on your current solution. We’ll work with your stakeholders to evaluate both clinical and operational processes.

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