Improve patient outcomes with better communications

Healthcare has changed. The importance of care team collaboration hasn’t.

In February 2020, we announced Spok Go®, the platform that helps drive clinical decision-making by connecting clinical teams with the people and information they need when and where it matters most.

At that time, we had no way of knowing that a worldwide pandemic would so greatly impact healthcare. Yet now, more than ever, care team collaboration is crucial to improve patient outcomes. In April 2020, Gartner stated that solutions within crisis/emergency management, care team collaboration, and patient throughput and capacity management are mission-critical to address COVID-19 challenges.

Recently, we’ve focused on helping our customers by providing licenses for some of our solutions at no charge during the COVID-19 crisis. This expansion made remote work feasible, helped support hospital-wide communications, and made it easier to quickly and reliably notify staff during emergency situations.

Now, we’re thrilled to present Spok Go as the best-in-class solution for care team collaboration, not only to address COVID-19 challenges, but to solve communication challenges across your health system.

See what Spok Go can do for you

If you have any further questions about how your organization can solve communication challenges across your health system, please contact us.