Rolling Out a New Solution – 4 E’s for Success

I’ve helped a lot of hospitals implement new communication solutions across their organizations. These range from our secure texting app and on-call scheduling software to call center solutions and more. While technical knowledge is needed to integrate systems and make sure everything functions smoothly, the human element requires just as much attention and planning. When discussing a rollout with a customer, my team and I keep in mind four E’s – Early, Excite, Educate, and Evaluate.

Notifying people early in the process and getting them excited about what the new solution(s) can do for them reduces the behavioral friction usually associated with change. Working with the hospital’s marketing team to develop tools such as newsletters, intranet posts, and fliers in break rooms can help raise awareness in the end user community. Many of our customers also identify their early technology adopters who genuinely see the value of the new solution and want to spread the word to others to help them understand the benefits. The most useful solutions are the ones everyone knows about and can get on board with.

Hospitals and health systems can raise excitement by frequently communicating project progress and holding demonstrations for staff to see and play with the new technology. In conjunction with hands-on demonstrations, pamphlets and intranet documentation will help educate end users, both ahead of time and at the point of release. Training sessions also help empower employees to make the necessary behavior changes and feel comfortable with the new technology.

And lastly, evaluation. Once you’ve rolled out a new solution there is tremendous value in measuring adoption rates and the ROI of the new solution itself. Understanding the successes and areas for improvement will help with future implementation planning. Measuring the return on investment can also help identify if more education is needed to fully realize the new solution’s potential.

I would love to hear about your experiences with new enterprise-wide solutions. Did you rely on internal resources, or hire external help to support the change? What was your most challenging E, and how did you overcome it? For more information related to this topic you can view my webinar Your Guide to Rolling Out a Hospital Mobility Strategy.