Nurses of Spok: David Gutillo on communication and clinical experiences

Nursing professionals who are part of Spok bring their expertise to help improve communications in over 2,200 hospitals across the country. To celebrate Year of the Nurse and Midwife, we are highlighting the work of our nurses on staff. In our second installment (read the first here), we talk to David Gutillo about his passion for driving better patient and clinical experiences.

David is the enterprise sales director for the southeast region of the U.S. at Spok. He uses his clinical expertise to help hospitals and health systems determine how communication technology can create value in patient care, safety, and satisfaction.

Why did you choose nursing?

I was pre-medicine as an undergrad and my grades were solid, but the prospect of four more years in med school plus residency and perhaps a fellowship afterward was daunting. I knew I wanted to work in healthcare based on my experiences as a nursing assistant and ER tech during college.

I had school loans that needed repayment and had a good feel for what nursing would be like based on my experiences already. Our local community college had just started an evening nursing program (ours was the first graduating class). The program gave me the ability to continue to work, pay down my debt, and complete my degree quickly so I could enter the nursing workforce.

What is your favorite part of being a nurse?

My favorite part of being a nurse was meeting my wife of 31 years in a code blue in the ER. I was doing chest compressions and she was doing airway management—it was love at first sight!

Otherwise, my favorite part, as well as what I miss most now, is the ability to impact the lives of others in very tangible ways and to see the fruits of your labor rewarded in healing and wellness.

As a nurse, what made you interested in working at Spok, and how is the work you’re doing important to the nursing profession?

My colleagues and I have a passion for improving patient outcomes and clinical experiences. Spok solutions and services deliver measurable value for both the patient and the caregiver alike. With the rate of frustration, dissatisfaction, and burnout among caregivers, we are truly at an inflection point in healthcare. Providing the right information at the right time to the right people makes care collaboration easier and that’s what we’re all about at Spok!

One of my favorite examples is the reduction of sepsis mortality rate at University of Utah Health. What we are doing is helping save lives!

Do you have any inspiration or advice to share with other nurses as we celebrate Year of the Nurse? 

What nurses do makes a profound difference in the lives of others. You have the opportunity every day to affect change in individuals—mind, body, and spirit. Never lose sight of that and let it inspire you to be your best.