Meet the Spokwise Healthcare Blog

Five years.

That’s how long Spok has been blogging.

We’ve published about 200 posts since 2010, and the blog has steadily evolved over the years. We’ve shifted from updates about products to lengthier thought leadership posts, and we’ve moved from having a sole blog author to spotlighting forward thinkers both inside and outside of Spok. However, one thing has always remained the same: It’s always been called the “Mobility in Healthcare Blog.”

While it’s true that a significant share of our solutions work with mobile devices and mobility remains a hot topic in the industry, it still seems just a little too narrow for what we’re all about and also for the state of communications within healthcare today. Spok® solutions are designed to improve healthcare communication and collaboration—mobile or otherwise. We’re focused on communication and collaboration throughout the entire continuum of care, from the operators connecting clinicians and assisting patients on their computers to the clinicians using smartphones to read a critical alert.

We want our blog to reflect the breadth of our solutions, so we’re changing the name. We’d like you to meet Spokwise, where we’ll continue to share smart content on healthcare communication and collaboration to keep your wheels turning. We chose the name Spokwise because ‘spokewise’ means to move in a manner resembling the spokes of a wheel. To us, that means to take action to move forward, and to do so together—a wheel doesn’t spin without the support of each spoke. And of course we hope our content will make you a little wiser each week too!

Spokwise also debuts a new logo (a first for the blog) and a fresher look and feel. We’ve added eight categories for posts, so it’s easier than ever to find content about a topic you’re interested in. We also realize you like to know who you’re talking to, so we’re adding author photos, bios, and links to contact them (via email and social media) to the bottom of new posts. Finally, if you deem our blog content worthy of being shared with your networks, you can do so via social sharing widgets at the top and bottom of each page.

We hope you enjoy Spokwise, and we’re looking forward to continuing to put fresh content on healthcare communication and collaboration in your inbox each week. Click here to subscribe.