Is It Time for a Check-Up?

Even if you’re healthy and seem to be doing well, medical experts still advise regular check-ups with your physician. Just like preventative medicine, your organization can also benefit from receiving periodic check-ups on the technology solutions you have in place. Here are some things to examine and questions to consider when taking stock of your systems’ health:

1. Review and validate: Is your system being used to its greatest potential? Are you using the entire solution you’ve purchased? For example, Spok’s contact center solutions are most powerful when making full use of the enterprise web and on-call scheduling components. Next, look to see where you might be able to extend the use of the solution you’ve purchased: Are there departments not using the platform that may benefit from doing so? Investigate by talking to our experts on Spok’s Consulting Services team and your peers at other organizations.

2. Clean up your data: How clean is your data, and more importantly, how meaningful is it to your organization? Do you have an automated data feed in place, or are staff manually updating data? How frequently are you reviewing the data you have and ensuring that it is providing meaningful insights that your organization can act on? Many organizations benefit from meeting with the end-users to ensure the solution is meeting their needs as well as the needs of the administrators, who often have a different type of interaction with the systems.

3. Always room to improve: Move away from those processes that are done simply because “we’ve always done it that way.” Look for bottlenecks or inefficiencies to see where you may be able to innovate: Are you manually tracking messages or on-call schedules? Where there’s paper and/or many touchpoints, there’s often opportunity to streamline to help your organization be more effective.

4. Educate others: If you’re finding that your organization has half-heartedly adopted your solutions, you may need to rejuvenate everyone by re-educating them on functionality and benefits. The Spok team has extensive experience with both initial rollouts and subsequent pushes and rebrands, and we’re available to help you create an effective plan to spread the word and expand adoption.

By checking these four items off the list during routine check-ups for each of your solutions, you can help ensure that you are maximizing their potential. Healthy communications are at the heart of smooth workflows: Let’s get on the track to wellness.