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Welcome to the Spok Mobile® application! Spok Mobile allows you to send and receive secure, encrypted, HIPAA compliant messages on your mobile device, eliminating the need for multiple paging devices. The application simplifies the communication process by connecting you with your site’s available contact directory. This allows you to communicate with all other Spok Mobile users at your site quickly and easily.

Please note that there are many different configurations of the Spok Mobile product. Based on the configuration and version of the application that you have, you may not have access to every available feature. Additionally, The Spok Mobile product is available on many different device types and operating systems. Because of this, you may experience differences in the functionality and appearance of the application and its features.


User Guides


 Spok Mobile 4.2 for Apple

 Spok Mobile 4.2 for Android


 Spok Mobile 4.1 for Apple

 Spok Mobile 4.1 for Android


  Spok Mobile 4.0 for Apple

  Spok Mobile 4.0 for Android

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